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Spike Renewables

Spike Renewables

Viale M. Fanti, 217



Tel. +39 055642889

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Spike Renewables S.r.l. is an Engineering Company focused on system engineering that deals with all aspect of a project from design to construction and integration.

- Spike is founder member of RE-CORD (Renewable Energy Consortium for Research and Demonstration), University of Florence no profit Spin-off.

- We have ongoing R&D projects in the H2020 CE program on Geothermal Energy Production and in Industrial Process Efficiency.

- Technologies on which Spike, through its R&D activities, has a specific expertise are Hydrogen production and utilization.


Ongoing Research Projects

• BIOGO-for-production (FP7) - : Catalytic Partial Oxidation of Bio Gas and Reforming of Pyrolysis Oil (BioOil) for an Autothermal Synthesis Gas Production and Conversion into Fuels.

• SMARTREC (H2020) - : Developing a standard and modularized solution for flexible and adaptive integration of Heat Recovery and Thermal Storage for high grade waste heat by Molten Salts as Heat Transfer Fluid.

• GeoSmart (H2020) - : Technologies for geothermal to enhance competitiveness in smart and flexible operation.

• GeoHex (H2020) - : Developing high performance heat exchangers for Geothermal

• MAST3RBoost (HE2022) - Decarbonisation through improvements of hydrogen storage “Maturing the Production Standards of Ultraporous Structures for High Density Hydrogen Storage Bank Operating on Swinging Temperatures and Low Compression”

Partecipazione promossa con il supporto di Regione Toscana in collaborazione con Fondazione Sistema Toscana

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